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Burma's Union Election Commission (EC) has finalized a list of the 37 political parties that will be allowed to contest the election set to be held on Nov. 7, according to its Notification No. 97/2010 issued on Sept. 14. On the same day, the EC posted a list of approved candidates at EC offices across the country.

Initially, 47 parties applied to register with the EC, of which 42 were approved. According to the Political Party Registration Law, however, each party must field at least three candidates in the election to retain its status as a legally registered party. Five parties that failed to meet this minimum number of candidates were therefore disbanded: the Union Karen League, the Myanmar New Society Democratic Party, the Myanmar Democracy Congress, the Mro National Party and the Regional Development Party (Pyay).

The following is the final list of the 37 political parties that will contest the election. Profiles of some of the key political parties are provided below. The Irrawaddy will continue to update this section with more party profiles as information becomes available.



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National Democratic Force (NDF)

Party Leader: Khin Maung Swe and Dr. Than Nyein
Party's Constituencies: Nationwide
Political Ideology/ Party Platform: The NDF will practice “Social Liberalism” in accord with the socio-cultural life of the Burmese society. Its goal is to attain individual freedom and to promote the role of the private sector in the economy, but the government shall regulate the market. The party will make sure that all the citizens shall enjoy their civil and human rights. The values of democracy and human righs will be promoted in the society through the formation of civil society organizations.
Address: No. 103, Building 3, Dagon Lwin Street, Tamwe Township, Rangoon
Phone: 951-551-654


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(2) Democratic Party (Myanmar)
Party Leader : Thu Wai (Ex-political prisoner and former leader of the Democracy Party in the 1990 election, which was later abolished.)
Party's Constituencies: Nationwide
Political Ideology/ Party Platform: To restore democracy which was lost from 1962 to 2009. The Democratic Party (Myanmar) will strive to regain basic human freedoms and rights in politics, economy, justice as well as freedom of thought, speech and assembly. Democracy rests in the power of the people.
Address: No. 6, Kwat Thit Street, Yegyaw, Pazundaung Township, Rangoon
Phone: 951-297-617


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(3) Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP)
Party Leader : Thein Sein (the incumbent prime minister and a former general in the ruling junta. Thein Sein resigned from his military position a few days before founding the party)
Party's Constituencies: Nationwide
Political Ideology/ Party Platform: The party believes in the Constitution's legal binding that no part of the country must ever secede from the Union. The defense policy of the party is to build the capacity of the Tatmadaw [the military] to defeat enemies domestically and internationally, based on “Political might, Economic Might and Military Might.” The party will fight against any form of colonialism. The media must support the national interest. The party's agricultural policy will give farmers “the right to work on their farmland,” but denies farmers “the right to own their farmland.”
Address: -
Phone: -


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National Unity Party (NUP)
Party Leader : Tun Yi (the former deputy chief of staff in the military). The NUP which was transformed from the former ruling Burma Socialist Program Party (BSPP) led by the late dictator Gen. Ne Win, which won 10 seats in the 1990 election.)
Party's Constituencies: Nationwide
Political Ideology/ Party Platform: The party's political ideology is “the Burmese way to the benefit of the people,” which is designed to conform with national characteristics and national pride. The party will maintain the history, culture and tradition of the country while bringing benefits to the well-being of the people.
Address: No. 24, Aungzeya Road, Bahan Township, Rangoon

951-557-456, 459, 480


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(5) Kayin Peoples Party (KPP)
Party Leader : Saw Htun Myint Aung and Dr. Saw Simon Tha (a physician who acted as a negotiator during peace talks between the Karen National Union rebel group and the military government). He is also the current chairman of the Rangoon-based Karen Development Committee.)
Party's Constituencies: Nationwide
Political Ideology/ Party Platform: To reform political, economic and governance systems, to work for the people to achieve all the rights prescribed by the 2008 Constitution and to bring fairness to social and economic systems.
Address: No. 15/51, Tawwin Road, Shwepyitha Township, Rangoon
Phone: 95-950-063-41


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(6) Shan Nationalities Democratic Party
Party Leader : Sai Eik Paung (a former leader of Shan National League for Democracy (SNLD), which won 23 seats in Shan State in the 1990 election but decided not to re-register and contest the election. SNLD leader Khun Htun Oo is currently detained in prison and serving a prison sentence of nearly one hundred years.)
Party's Constituencies: Nationwide (but targeted on Shan-populated areas)
Political Ideology/ Party Platform: To work to maintain the literature, culture and tradition of the ethnic nationalities. The party will avoid confrontation and opposition in politics and instead, seek opportunities for productive and positive results in the viable framework.
Address: No. 9, Thitsar Road, South Okkalapa Township, Rangoon
Phone: 951-573-092


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(7) Chin National Party
Party Leader : Zo Zem (aka) Zin Kyne Paw
Party's Constituencies: Chin State and other chin-populated areas
Political Ideology/ Party Platform: Views the 2010 election as a political exit from the current deadlock.
Political Ideology/ Party Platform: To priortize the development of the ethnic nationalities to achieve peace and development in the country. The party believes in the necessity of building national peace among all stakeholders. The basic political agenda of the party is to fulfill the welfare of the people through democracy.
Address: No. 277, BPI Road, West Joatkone, Insein Township, Rangoon
Phone: 95-950-308-70


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(8) Peace and Diversity Party (PDP)
Party Leader : Nyo Min Lwin and Nay Myo Wai
Party's Constituencies: Nationwide
Political Ideology/ Party Platform: Humanist Democratic Nationalism (to avoid practicing a political ideology based on a particular class or nationalism based on race, race or religion). Will support democracy and a government elected by the people.
Address: No. 2/2/232, Mahawgani Road, Htauk Kyant Mingalardone Township, Rangoon
Phone: 95-986-107-19


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(9) New Era People's Party
Party Leader : Htun Aung Kyaw (secretary of the Unity and Development Party, which contested in the 1990 election, although it did not win any seats. The party was disbanded by the junta in 1992. Htun Aung Kyaw was the personal secretary of Thakhin Soe, the former leader of the Burmese Communist Party (Red Flag).
Party's Constituencies: Nationwide
Political Ideology/ Party Platform: Party principles are  based on scientific reasoning, knowledge and theory, rather than blind faiths and unsystematic analysis.
Address: No. 225, Bogyoke Aung San Road, Kauktada Township, Rangoon



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(10) Wonthanu NLD (The Union of Myanmar)
Party Leader : Htay Aung and Nan Shwe Kyar
Party's Constituencies: Regional party (Mandalay)
Political Ideology/ Party Platform: To achieve the party's goal of “the unity of all the nationalities,” it will practice democratic principles: to build a free, fair market economy to revialize the national economy; to build a modern education system to catch up with the world; to priortize the free national health care system without discrimination across the country. Priority will be given to the health care of mothers and children for the betterment of the new generation.
Address: Nan Oo Lwin Village, Patheingyi Township, Mandalay Division




Nyan_win80"Once her [Aung San Suu Kyi's] sentence expires in November, and that notion is not disputed, it is our understanding that she will have served her sentence."
—Nyan Win, the foreign minister of Burma


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